Aug 28, 2017

The Epic New Zealand Roady

The Epic New Zealand Roady.

As the days start to get longer again, with the sun staying out to play just a little more than usual, it means spring is nearly here. We all know what comes after Spring!! Summer… and summer holidays, summer road trips and summer music festivals!


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Gone are the days of wrapping up in 10 layers to shield against the wind and rain (although, sometimes that makes the adventure all the more exciting!). We welcome the warmer months with open arms. Summer is carefree, fun, easy going, warm and exciting.

This is the time of year where people are heading away on holiday and the music festivals start popping up all over the country. Now is the time to book your rental van to take you on your perfect trip. Van hire/ van rentals are one of the easiest and best ways to travel, especially when you’re with a group of friends and a standard car just won’t do the trick.

We thought we’d give you some road trip tips to make your travels easier, safe and of course, fun!

  • Safety first, pack a first aid kit with all the essentials! Painkillers, motion sickness medicine, antihistamines, plasters, insect repellent, sunscreen and any other medications you may personally need.

  • Establish a sweet “Driving Schedule” to make sure everyone gets enough time away from the wheel and to make sure there are always fresh eyes driving.

  • Snacks! What’s a roady without some decent snacks… on your way out of the city make sure you stop at your local supermarket to pick up your favourite treats. We all know a road trips not a road trip without some decent food!

  • Remember… A Drivers job is to get you from point A to B all in one piece. “Shotgun” (front seat passenger) is the one to make sure the driver isn’t falling asleep & of course, the DJ. Back seaters, snack duty, toilet stop reminders and don’t forget, it’s your time to chill and take a nap!

  • WATER! Kind of self explanatory.

  • Music Playlist. Again, you’re not really going to have the most epic road trip if you don’t have some sweet tunes to listen to as you’re driving. Silence will get old, fast! Your music could make or break your trip (ha!). A fun idea is to have a collective playlist that you and your friends can all add to. You’ll get a great selection of tunes and may even discover some sweet new sounds.

  • If you’re the game type, compile a list of fun games you and your pals can play on the road together. Depending how far you’re travelling, it may help to keep you all from falling asleep and leaving the poor driver cruising alone!

  • Decide on some fun places to stop along the way. There are so many hidden gems around New Zealand, that you’re bound to stumble upon something epic when you least expect it. So even if you have a few places you definitely want to stop, be spontaneous too (but safe of course!).

  • Lastly, have fun, be safe and have the most epic New Zealand summer road trip!

We all know that planning a good road trip takes time. We have a great selection of safe and reliable hire vans / rental vans available. We are located in Rotorua, Hamilton or Tauranga, so give us a call today on 0800 004 215 to book in your van hire/ van rental, or simply check out what we have to offer, right here on our website.