Jul 25, 2017

Planning for a move: New House Tips & Tricks

Planning for a move: New House Tips & Tricks

We all know what a mission moving house can be! Our last post gave you our top 10 tips in the lead up to moving house. Now we want to give you some tips for your new home, before you move everything in.

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So, you’ve booked in your furniture truck rental, you have your family and friends locked in to help, boxes are packed and labelled, but before you move everything into the new house, here’s what we suggest you do to make sure you’re all set! While a group of family and friends are sorting out packing the furniture truck, head over to the new house with another friend and get the following things sorted...

  1. Start early!! The last thing you want is to be still moving into the night,

  2. Before you head to the new house, take photos of your water, electricity and gas metres, to ensure you don’t get charged more than you need to.

  3. When you get to the new house, check for any plumbing leaks. It’s a good idea to check all of this before everything is moved in. This reduces the risk of damage and you can get it sorted ASAP!

  4. For safety, it could be a good idea to change the locks on your main doors, which will give you new keys, that no prior tenant or homeowner will have (although this is not essential).

  5. Check all electrical outlets, light switches and light bulbs are not damaged and work well. If not, make notes of what needs to be fixed or replaced, so you can get it sorted in the coming days.

  6. Take note of where your fuse box is located. The last thing you want is a blown fuse and you not knowing where to find where to switch it back on. Especially if it’s at night time!

  7. This is important… check your smoke alarms!! Make sure they are working and up to date.

  8. Get rid of pests!! Before everything is moved in, now is the time to make sure there are no little pests making a home inside your home! Get a few bug bombs from your local supermarket and let these off in multiple rooms. The house will need to be left for a couple of hours for the bug bombs to do their thing, but this will minimise the amount of flies, spiders, ants or cockroaches that maybe chilling in your house.

  9. Vacuum, dust, get rid of cobwebs, mop floors, wipe down surfaces, windows and mirrors before moving in. The last thing you want to do is move in to a dirty house when all your furniture and boxes are everywhere. While it’s still empty, give the house a fresh clean. This will also make you feel like it’s yours.

  10. Make sure your power, internet, phone and other utility suppliers have you all connected up and ready to go.

  11. Locate your closest dairy, supermarket and petrol station, just in case you need something within the first couple days of moving.

  12. Once you’ve moved everything in, set your bed up first, that way when you get to a point where you find you can’t unpack or sort much more, you just jump straight into bed for a good night sleep before you get stuck in again the next day!

How exciting, all the big hard work is complete. Now you get to set up your new home, which is such a rewarding and exciting feeling.

If you’re in Rotorua, Tauranga or Hamilton, give us a call to discuss your truck hire or rental options. We have multiple truck rental sizes suitable for moving house and we’re always here to help you find the best option.