Feb 3, 2018

Travelling in a World Filled With Social Media

With the world becoming more tech savvy as the days pass by, we are all rather familiar with the temptation to share our exciting daily experiences immediately with others.

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One of the easiest ways is via social media. With Facebook reaching over 2 billion monthly users in 2017, it’s no wonder it’s becoming the norm. While some may say it’s an addiction (hands up if you’re guilty), others see is as an easy and fun way to stay in contact with loved ones wherever you want (or at least when you have WiFi connection!).

When travelling through New Zealand, it’s inevitable that you’ll want to share the beautiful shots and scenery you discover while on your adventures! With Rite Price Rentals, we’ll help you discover the treasures of Aotearoa. You’ll be able to book the perfect vehicle for your trip. We have plenty of options to suit you and your family or friends.

Here are a few fun social media sharing tips for your travels.

Don’t Overshare!

First you don’t want to share every experience so that you won’t have anything left to share stories about when you return home! Keep some to yourself and just share a few of the highlights from your trip. Ne of the fun things about travel is getting to share you stories with family and friends when you return. Second, consider what you actually want your followers to know. A drunken night out might result in some snaps you don’t want your family to see. Be careful about what you share and remember who can see it.

Be sensitive

Just be aware that those reading your posts may not be as fortunate as you are to be able to travel. As much as you’re having one of the most incredible times of your life, the constant reminders that you’re away while they’re chained to their desk ends up feeling like you’re flaunting how good your life is (but hey, it’s an experience of  lifetime, you’re allowed to share, but just be aware of how much you are sharing).

Post original but great photos

These days people can get so carried away with trying to get the “perfect shot” but they end up not even being in the moment and really experiencing what they’re doing. Also don’t post the same image that people have seen one hundred times before. Look for something a little fun and unique to take a photograph of. It’s be more special because it may be something people haven’t seen before, which makes it all the more exciting!

Don’t forget personal contact

Oh no! Don’t forget to call mum and dad! It’s easy to mistake posting on your social accounts as keeping in touch with family and friends. Flick them a sweet text to let them know how you are and just to keep them in the loop!

Remember to detach yourself

Don’t spend ALL your time on your electronic device while trawling through social media. Don’t miss out on the amazing quality time you’ll have with the family and friends you’re travelling with. If you’re glued to your phone, laptop or iPad you might risk becoming completely attached to your screen and ultimately spend your holiday looking through the lens. Take the time to enjoy the moment you’re in. You will never get that moment back!

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