In the Community

We like to support a number of charities because we believe it’s important to actively participate in our community. Rite Price Rentals currently supports the following charities:



When approached CanTeen we jumped at the chance to be the official vehicle sponsor for CanTeen in Tauranga. We see it as a positive way to contribute to children who are suffering from the effects of cancer or are recovering from it. Some of these kids don't have the possibility of doing things other kids can so by providing vehicles for events and trips we can help give them the opportunity to have the same experiences as healthy kids.

Our policy is to assist CanTeen wherever possible and it may be for one vehicle or as many as they might need. We go to any lengths to ensure the kids get to go on outings and adventures and to do things that make them smile. We will continue to be a Major Sponsor for CanTeen vehicles as long as they need us.

New Zealand Stroke Foundation

We love the idea of being part of unusual and challenging events to raise funds for deserving New Zealand charities, so when Jup Brown decided to run the length of the country in 2011 – we had to be in on it! Jup covered 2930km of New Zealand terrain over 67 days to raise awareness and money for the Stroke Foundation.

Guardian was there every step of the way – we provided a van to accommodate Jup and his support team throughout the journey and are proud to have been involved in such a valuable event.

In total he raised a staggering $20,295 – we think that’s a pretty good effort!